Top 5 Best Media Player for Android

We all want the best viewing experience when it comes to video playback or watch movies on Android. An android video player of high quality contains the ability to play many varieties of video format. It offers us great support for subtitles, to handle high-resolution videos and, it also provides good sound.

We all wants the best apps for photos, music, and for videos, we always focus on the actual interface instead of just the features that we will find listed in the app’s description. Because the interface shows us about the working process of the app and it also determines how efficiently you can use it .

List of top five best media players for Android


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VLC from Video LAN is known to a household name by now. It supports various kinds of subtitles on Android and plays almost everything we want to play on it .we found some issues with a few files on the Nexus 5 that delayed the subtitles and the interface gets overlapped by the phone’s soft buttons.

Rather than this VLC is based on the purpose for people who wants to watch videos on the go. It is the only media player that shows styled subtitles exactly for all tested videos. It is very reliable; it contains wide support, and a very simple interface makes VLC an excellent choice for users.

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MX Player

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Regarding basic performance, we will find MX Player is one of the best music players. IT has an amazing feature namely kid lock, with this feature you can save that content from your kids, which you do not want them to see.

IT is very simple in use and offers quality playback. MX Player also supports subtitles and subtitle gestures. It also works on the Google TV and has a great working feature like pinch to zoom and pan feature. It also contains many plugins and other extra pieces of stuff.

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BS Player

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It is a very popular video playback app mostly used for PCs. The main advantage or benefit of this media player is that it has o convenient search engine for subs, it also can access files on the computer by remote. BS player supports almost every video file formats, subtitles, video streaming, multiple audio tracks and hardware acceleration. It also offers background playback in a window. It has a unique feature that it playback media files directly from uncompressed RAR archive.

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Dice Player

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Dice Player is one of the most popular video players on Android; it has many features like pop-out play, support multiple audio and subtitle tracks. It also has hardware accelerated playback that is buttery smooth. On Android, various file formats and encoding was never a big issue because most players already played almost everything.

We will hope that in the future days that it will find a Materialistic Design look soon because that’s the only thing is missing.

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VLC Beta

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VLC is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most popular video player out there. This is, due to its capability to play various formats easily. The VLC Beta has been in the Beta for far too long but is still counted among the most dependable players, since it gains its reputation from the famed PC player.

Besides its reputation, it provides hardware decoding for a multitude of devices, if you own multiple devices VLC media player is a go-to-go video player. It also supports multi-track audio and also subtitles. Vast ranges of audio codecs can also be played in it, whether it will be H.264 or MP4. It may be in beta, but VLC is still a stable one to be work with.

Besides the trusted reputation, VLC media player offers hardware decoding for a multitude of devices, which makes it your go-to video player, if you own multiple devices. Just like the PC player, the VLC Beta also supports multi-track audio and subtitles. It also plays a vast range of audio codecs, whether it is H.264 or MP4. Though it is in Beta, the VLC player is still a stable one.

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