​Airbus A-Cubed launches blockchain for non-profits

Airbus's Silicon Valley A-Cubed has launched an open source open block chain project aiming to support charities and nonprofit organizations linking cryptocult and smart contracts.

The Airbus Foundation, a major aerospace leading charity in Europe, uses the Ethereum-based block chain technology developed by Heritage for the first time.

According to A-Cubed, Heritage plans to offer distributed applications to the Airbus Foundation to accept and manage cryptographic violation donations for itself and its partners.

"Many of the organizations that can benefit most from the block chain are denied access due to lack of resources and knowledge.The legacy wishes to open these organizations to a new class of donors, did.

In addition to Airbus charity, HartSong Ranch Animal Sanctuary and the Museum of Art, Design and Entertainment also participated in the A-Cubed pilot campaign. This was an internal test of the donation platform.

The heritage is developing block chains in cooperation with UNICEF.

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Donations and contributions are the first use of the Heritage platform. A-Cubed is trying to implement the same technology in internal business applications.

We hope to set standards for nonprofit organizations to "continue to grow ecosystem" by utilizing block chains.

"We are aiming to establish and contribute to this emerging universe standard by setting up this project as an open source," the company said in a statement.

Charity is often limited by the lack of resources that affect goods you want to achieve. They can use block chain technology, but they are often overlooked. We shorten the deadline of heritage adoption and tie the charity association in a new way. "

Heritage records donation data in the form of an ERC – 721 token that belongs to the donor. A – Cubed stated that when the donation is made through Heritage, the contribution is registered in Ethereum 's address and donation amount. Heritage may also register and issue information on gift certificates for tax purposes.

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