​ATO extends Windows Server 2003 support to 2019

Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has extended the custom support contract with Microsoft and holds the Windows Server 2003 light for one year.

Contracts equivalent to A $ 2.6 million are stated in AusTender as additional shipping by original suppliers and are intended to replace existing products, extensions or services for compatibility reasons.

ATO spokesperson confirmed to ZDNet that Microsoft continued to support despite the technical support ended on July 14, 2015.

The spokesperson said, "We extended Microsoft's support for Windows Server 2003 until June 2019," he said.

"This is about completing the final 5% migration of business applications and working with key system vendors to ensure that these end applications are fully migrated as quickly as possible.

Microsoft doubled its efforts to encourage companies to adopt the latest version of the platform, Windows Server 2012 R2, or Azure, before the deadline of July 14, 2015.

After implementing technical support and security updates three years ago, Microsoft presented an exception to this rule so that users can enter custom support contracts to access security patches through service contracts. Customized support.

Also: ATO called for not tracking costs with a digital conversion program

ATO provides part of this infrastructure by changing the way that front-end applications communicate with existing systems and introducing cloud technology "in the most appropriate place".

Ramez Katoff, ATO's CIO before March's Senate Committee, said, "I understand how difficult this transition is and integrate it into this transition."

"We have already migrated three main application channels to the cloud environment, the new ato.gov.au website is hosted in the cloud environment, its availability is 100%.

For the IT infrastructure that was plagued by the few "obstacles" during the period as a result of the unique "SAN" failure, the fiscal year 2016 to 17 was noisy for ATO. Then restart the mainframe.

This department has responded by promising IT "smooth operation" and guaranteeing "connected and ballistic" system more than ever.

He was also under the microscope to spend $ 333 million on outsourcing of employment during that period.


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