​Google restores #039;www#039; to Chrome URLs after user backlash

After protesting the unpublished change by the user, Google will reverse the intention to delete 'www' in Chrome's URL bar, and will start the open discussion of the problem.

Google surprised many of over 1 billion Chrome users, judging that Chrome 69 released last week will no longer show www sites. Or mr. From the address of the site was only "a subtle subdomain".

While address bars appear to be more sophisticated, hiding the site raises the possibility of exposing the user to a phishing threat if you list exles where two different sites look the same like www.pool.com He insisted there was. .ntp.org and pool.ntp.org. On the other hand, m.tumblr.com, not the Tumblr site, appeared as tumblr.com and could not be distinguished from the actual Tumblr site.

Apple 's Safari also hides www and m, but it will not worry too much. Perhaps this is due to the impact Google has on the Web and the imbalance in control over Chrome's browser market.

In any case, changing Chrome users was not helpful to Google. Some people think that the latter idea was to expand the scope of their subdomain.

Google currently takes another approach to the problem by first undoing Chrome 69's changes and then starting an open discussion on www and m processing.

"Chrome M69 changed the subdomains of" www "and" m "at all Chrome sites. After receiving feedback from the community about these changes, I went back to Chrome for Desktop and M69 on Android and discussed it, "Emily Schechter, Chrome product manager, Chrome bug tracker

On Chrome 70, it will go back to hurt www. But m is not. We have found a large site with subdomain "m" managed by the user.

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Google will not standardize how browsers treat www and m, but at least talk with standards bodies and state their opinions in general.

"Schechter plans to participate in public standardization discussions with appropriate standards bodies to explicitly reserve" www "or" m "as a subdomain of a particular case.

"We are not going to standardize how browsers should handle these specific cases in the user interface, so we will revisit the 'm' subdomain later after gaining an opportunity for discussion …

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