​Linus Torvalds and Linux Code of Conduct: 7 myths debunked

Linus Torvalds announced that he was taking time to act in the Linux developer community and introduced a new Code of Conduct (CoC) for Linux kernel developers, so invincible malachie in both moves I got it.

There are some of the most hysterical myths about what is happening:

Myth 1. The Linux kernel has been inherited by Social Justice Warriors (SJW)!

really! The new code of conduct is based on Coraline Ada Ehmke's contribution version 1.4. It is adopted in many open source projects such as Eclipse, Ruby, Kubernetes.

The code is not much debatable, but Ehmke was opposed to phobias for those who think that it is a growth factor of his own project in an open source project. His ironic tweet ("I am Large scale Linux outflow Because he infiltrated the SJW Ha ha ha. ") Although it helped to explode the fire, Ehmke did not play a leadership role in the Linux community, Ehmke later tweeted.Perhaps do you think I have verification bits in the Linux kernel? Maybe they can not go and I think I merged the commit. "

In addition, the technical department leaves the color of the women

Torvalds added CoC with other advanced Linux kernel developers. Nobody did it. The Linux Technical Advisory Board (TAB) of the Linux Foundation is responsible for applying it. Theodore "Ted" T, a senior Linux kernel developer and Google engineer, explains about LKML as follows. "Although this TAB can be recommended, the decision to act on this recommendation is a general responsible person and Linus.

Earlier kernel developer Sage Sharp left the Linux community due to toxicity, but he does not rely on TAB to fulfill his obligations using code. Sharp said, "I do not believe in Linux Foundation Technical advisory committee responds to violation of code of conduct With a quick and thoughtful answer. Ask the Board to publish anonymous transparency reports for all cases of Linux kernel code violations. "

Is this something like SJW taking over Linux? I do not think so.

Myth 2. Linus Torvalds adopted the CDC and deducted the fact that as a predecessor of The New Yorker, women were preventing the wrestling of the core.

This played an important role. However, I knew Torvalds for nearly 30 years, so I do not think it is important to him. There was no news in the news. The Linux kernel mailing list (LKML) is …

Hope you like the news ​Linus Torvalds and Linux Code of Conduct: 7 myths debunked. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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