​Linus Torvalds is doing a good and brave thing

Linus Torvalds is known for his "salty" language and his unbiased approach to Linux developers. If you are wrong, he will not be afraid to let you know that you are a fool. Although you can get results, there are distances from many talented developers, serious attacks are tolerated, leading to some approved development culture.

However, Torvalds noticed that it hurt both the development process and his colleague programmer. Thus, he announced that he is moving away from the Linux developer community to change his personal behavior. Torvalds has approved a new "Code of Conduct" for Linux kernel developers. No one has to look at any of these changes.

In addition, the technical department leaves the color of the women

There are two remarkable things: Torvalds noticed that he is hurting people. He admits it openly and he answers it.

Do you know that it is rare? Think about your own family, friends, colleagues. How often will you acknowledge the mistake and try to change your own excuses? Is not it so? Do you understand more rare things? No matter who apologizes in the technology industry.

Torvalds is a nice guy. What he says is caught up in the white glow of the open source community. Four letters are given to the Linux kernel mailing list (LKML).

However, most technology companies do not know what is being closed. As a journalist, I know that there are frightening people who are also technology leaders. I knew Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Gary Kildall (the creator of the first popular PC operating system), John Carmack (the founder of Doom). Arrogance and overall behavior are common in the technical world.

Also, "There is a culture that works for women"

This is not an excuse for the Torvalds fault. I emphasize that being defective is no exception. They are ubiquitous. He is different in that he is aware and recognizes what he is trying to change. In addition, he is trying to change the culture of the Linux community by adopting the code of conduct.

Some people may think that he is honest with what he is doing and that he can call a cat as a cat. I think that being honest and polite will not exclude each other. Other, perhaps the most useless, say that what he is doing now is not enough …

Hope you like the news ​Linus Torvalds is doing a good and brave thing. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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