​Linux now dominates Azure

Three years ago, Mark Russinovich, Technical Director of Microsoft's Cloud Program Azure, said: "One in four [Azure] The instance is Linux. "After that, 40% of Azure VM was in Linux in 2017" Today, Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Microsoft's cloud and enterprise group, says, "A little over half of Azure VM is Linux.

Also, Microsoft Insight of Azure Digital Twins, Azure Sphere

this is true. Windows Server, not Microsoft, Linux price cloud is currently the most common operating system. Windows Server will not come back.

"Every month, Linux will go up," said Guthrie.

We are looking at not only Azure's users, but also Linux.

"Native Azure services are often run on Linux," Guthrie added. "Microsoft is increasing these services further, and Azure's software definition network (SDN) is Linux-based," he said.

Azure is not the only company that Microsoft adopts Linux.

"See the concurrent version of SQL Server on Linux – Linux is running on all projects," Guthrie says.

Why does Microsoft participate in the transition to Linux?

Russinovich said a few years ago when Microsoft began to turn to free software and Linux, it was "a practical business decision."

Because Microsoft's technical director Raghu Ramakrishnan said, "If you want Linux, provide Linux if you want MySQL in particular, and provide NoSQL if NoSQL is needed", that is, it is not part of open source Open source is essentially a case of community in the sense that it is not necessary. "


"Since open source began more than 10 years ago when we opened ASP.NET open source, open source is one that all developers can benefit from." That is not good. This is not mandatory, it's simply a code, not a code, a community, posting the code on the website, publishing the roadmap and working with external contributors. "

To Mr. Egle, Mr. Guthrie added as follows.

"GitHub currently has more than 20,000 Microsoft employees, currently there are more than 200 open source projects and is currently the largest open source project developer in the world.

This is far away from Mr. Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft. "Linux is cancer but Ballmer who quit Microsoft's management five years ago also said he loves Linux.

In addition, Microsoft makes Azure application service available on Linux TechRepublic


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