​Transport Commission concerned over government access to citizen vehicle data

The National Transportation Committee (NTC) is concerned that Australia's existing access to information and privacy framework may not be enough to cope with the new privacy concerns the car faces. I should present it.

CNT issued working papers on Thursday as part of a wider program on the automation of national automobile reform [PDF] The necessity of the registration and sharing of data on the entity of the automatic driving system, and the authority of the government to access the data for traffic enforcement purposes from the transportation system intelligent cooperative (C-ITS) are specifically considered.

C – ITS data is generated from vehicles, roads and infrastructure that communicate and share real – time information such as vehicle movement information, traffic signs, road conditions, etc using C – ITS equipment. -ITS.

These communications can generate data on the speed, position, or direction of the vehicle as well as some data.

CNT's Regulation of government access to C-ITS and car data: discussion paperSpecifically, it asks whether additional privacy protection is required for government collection and use of information generated by C-ITS and vehicle technology.

Emphasizing the three categories of potential new privacy challenges for C-ITS and automotive technology NTC believes that C-ITS technology enables a more extensive direct collection of location, camera, and video information Mainly concerned about. Biometric, biometric, or health sensors are provided by the government.

"NTC believes that the data generated by C-ITS and automotive technology is personal information or confidential information, especially if it is owned by a road agency or enforcement agency of law," NTC I wrote. "These institutions can facilitate identification because they are likely to have technical capabilities to access broad data and analyze these data.

Based on the concern over the citizen's surveillance, NTC said that the laws of monitoring equipment rarely impose practical limitations on the collection of government personal information.

"The principle of confidentiality obligation does not permit the collection of personal information, but it does not restrict or restrict direct collection of personal information by government agencies.

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