10 awesome hidden features you need to try in iOS 12

Apple eventually released the iOS December after beta testing for three months. Developers and first users are eager for a public beta. There were several obstacles on the road. For example, it is a beta version that completely destroys GPS navigation for one week in each map application. However, in most cases, the iOS 12 beta period was more fluid than the previous year. Of course, it has considerable significance as iOS 12 is like a turbo bugfix version of iOS 11. Certainly there are many new features, but the real thing about iOS 12 is that it is good. It completely corrects confusion created in iOS 11. Over the past year it was full of bugs, security loopholes, all sorts of problems in iOS 11 that really slowed down the new range of the iPhone. ;apple. Despite the fact that A11 Bionic SoC was more powerful than any other feature on the market due to landslides, thanks to iOS 11 RAM management issues, Android 's flagship product outperformed iPhone X and iPhone 8.

All of these questions regarding iOS 11 are behind us and we were not happier than iOS 12 was finally released. And since he went out for a day, you probably had time with him and you have looked at all Apple's redesigned apps. Messages provide amazing new features as well as Google Maps, and Apple Music is even more frightening than ever. That's fine, but what about new features that are not so obvious? Here we will describe the top ten of the hidden features of iOS 12 that you absolutely need to check.

Performance and Battery Life

Excellent performance and battery life are not exactly "functions". These are not what you can see on the screen of your iPhone and many users do not recognize the dramatic impact on iOS 12 battery life and performance drums.

Remember that each compatible iPhone model improves performance when iOS 12 is installed and that all iPhone models compatible with iOS 11 are also compatible with iOS 12. According to Apple, some older iPhones running iOS 12 will get 70% acceleration when performing key functions. There are also many background changes and enhancements that help to improve battery life. This is still a hot topic in terms of the aging of the iPhone model.

Present …


Hope you like the news 10 awesome hidden features you need to try in iOS 12. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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