10 Tips And Tricks For Getting Smartphone Battery Life Longer

Tips And Tricks For Getting Smartphone Battery Life Longer – Even in 2018, it is tough to go for much longer than 24 hours without charging your phone. Better battery technology simply has not arrived yet, which implies it is down to software and settings to eke out the limited power for so long as possible.

Unfortunately, you are never going to get a week of use out of a smartphone due to these massive, bright screens along with 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. However, by following our advice and making a number of modifications to your phone’s settings (and possibly even changing the best way you use your phone) you must be able to extend its battery life by a superb chunk.

These days there is an enormous choice of portable power banks, which you should use to charge your phone on the go. Plus, if you have a well-liked smartphone, you might find there are specific cases which incorporate batteries to give you extra power at the expense of solely a bit more bulk and weight.

What we are not going to recommend here is to use your phone less. Our goal is to indicate you easy methods to reduce your handset’s power consumption with out making it unusable.

Tips And Tricks For Getting Smartphone Battery Life Longer – List

1. Do not leave apps running within the background10 Tips And Tricks For Getting Smartphone Battery Life last longer

Many apps run within the background, even when you are not utilizing them. This is smart for things like social media and e-mail, where you may wish to know the minute you get a new message or comment, however do you really want your games, notes, and music players gobbling up battery resources 24/7?

With iOS, you may turn off background data on an app by app basis. Go to Settings—>General—>Background App Refresh, and select apps to turn off.

With Android, you possibly can “limit background data” for every application. Go to Settings—>Data usage. Tap in your app of choice, then scroll to the bottom to limit background data on cellular networks. (Note that this setting may save you from by chance going over your data plan threshold.)

2. Dim the screen brightness10 Tips And Tricks For Getting Smartphone Battery Life last longer

You would possibly like to view 5.5-inch, multi-million-pixel display at full brightness, however that is a assured recipe for draining your battery quick. Even your phone’s auto brightness function will generally over do it on luminance, that means you could be dropping precious hours of battery life.

Attempt dimming your display just a bit and living with the change for an hour. You will be shocked how fast your eyes adjust.

On iOS, go to Settings—>Display and Brightness. Turnoff Auto Brightness, after which dim the display using the slider.

On Android, go to Setting—>Display,& turnoff Adaptive Brightness. Then tap on the Brightness level & adjust to your preference.

3. Keep the screen timeout short10 Tips And Tricks For Getting Smartphone Battery Life last longer

Under your phone’s display settings menu, you need to find an option labeled ‘Screen Timeout’ or something related. (On an iPhone, search for Auto-Lock within the General settings.) This setting controls how long time period your phone’s display stays lit after receiving enter, akin to a tap.

Every second counts right here, so set your timeout to the shortest out there time. On most Android smartphones, the minimum is 15sec. In case your display screen timeout is currently set to 2min, think about decreasing that figure to 30sec or much less. On an iPhone, the minimum you may set is 1 minute.

4. Turn off Bluetooth10 Tips And Tricks For Getting Smartphone Battery Life last longer

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology that enables your smartphone to attach with different devices. It is great for quickly sending files (ex: Apple’s AirDrop), connecting to your automotive’s sound system, or different close range applications (ex: utilizing your smartphone as a remote for a TV). Whereas Bluetooth is not quite the battery hog at the moment that it was 2 years in the past, it is still a drain on juice.

If you are not utilizing your smartphone for connecting to your automotive, sending files, or interacting with different units, consider flipping Bluetooth off. There is a chance you are hardly using it anyway.

5. Turn off Wi-Fi

As with Bluetooth, your phone’s Wi-Fi radio is a serious battery drainer. Whereas you’ll need to use your home or office Wi-Fi connection quite than 3G or 4G for web access and different data services, there is little point in leaving the Wi-Fi radio on whenever you are out and about. Toggle it off when you exit the door and switch it back on only if you plan to use data services inside the range of your Wi-Fi network. Android smartphone users can add the Wi-Fi toggle widget to their home screen to make this a 1 tap process or swipe down from the top of the display screen (twice if you’ve Lollipop.)

In iOS 7 and 8, it is simpler than ever to toggle Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on and off. Simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to display the Control Centre.

6. Go easy on the location services, and GPS10 Tips And Tricks For Getting Smartphone Battery Life last longer

Location services could be a quiet killer, draining your smartphone battery behind the scenes. You have probably already realized that GPS navigation sucks the juice right out of your device, however, this makes sense: after all, your phone is working continuously to trace your spot on the map.

Less obvious are location services in apps like Facebook and Instagram. These social media apps keep your actual position in mind so they can tag each post, status or photograph with the corresponding city or neighborhood. In case you value battery life more than geo-tagged posts, flip off location providers.

7. Do not use vibrate10 Tips And Tricks For Getting Smartphone Battery Life last longer

We tend to think about a vibrating phone as a low-key alternative to a loud ring, however in terms of battery life, ringing is lots less taxing than rumbling. If you wish to squeeze out a bit extra battery life, think about turning off vibrations completely.

On iOS, go to Settings—>Sounds, & then switch off the two vibrate toggles on the top of the menu.

On Android, use the volume toggle to turn down the ringer, & you will see a menu popup at the top of your display screen. Here, you may either turnoff all notifications for a custom time period, or only obtain “priority notifications,” based in your personal preferences. Both one will end up having a positive impact on battery.

8. Turn off non-essential notifications10 Tips And Tricks For Getting Smartphone Battery Life last longer

Many apps will automatically send you “push notifications,” so-called because the application will notify you of things throughout the day, unsolicited.

It is time to stop the madness. On iOS, go to Settings—>Notifications, and switch off notifications for all, however, your most necessary apps. Sure, you need your text messages to come via on your lock display screen, however, do you actually need every MLB score from across the league? You may even customize your notifications down to where they seem, from banners to sound alerts to the lock display. The fewer, the better.

On Android, go to Settings—>Sound & notification—>App notifications. From right here you may block notifications for individual applications completely, or set priority filters for receiving fewer notifications general. Add it all up, and also you will get more battery life with fewer disturbances.

9. Push e-mail

Having your phone continuously check if there is new e mail is a waste of power. Instead of permitting e-mail to be pushed to your smartphone at any time, whyn’t change the setting to fetch mail every so often – maybe 15 or 30 minutes if you do not need to respond immediately to anybody?

10. Use battery saver10 Tips And Tricks For Getting Smartphone Battery Life last longer

Depending on your smartphone, you might find the manufacturer has offered power-saving options that go beyond anything out there in Android by default. (Apple’s iOS does not have a battery saving mode.)

Enabling a battery-saving mode manages the phone’s various power-sapping options for you. It’d, for example, stop apps from updating within the background, reduce the screen timeout setting, dim your display, disable on-screen animations, and switch off vibration. By default, this mode normally turns on when your battery level drops to 20%, however you may set it to kick in at 30% instead. And the earlier the smartphone switches to this power saving mode, the longer its battery will last.

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