11 Best Fitness Apps You Should Use

According to recent research, individuals who used fitness apps were a way more active compared to nonusers, and they even experienced lower body mass index. The researchers believe apps help participants overcome barriers such as lack of organization or understanding leading to better exercise habits and these improved habits overtime can mean significant changes. If you are interested in downloading fitness and health apps to your phone, you only need the best. That is why we have singled out the top ten health and fitness apps.


ACTIVEx started as a basic workplace wellness program but has turned into the first community-based fitness app in the world. The app features personalized or group training exercises and group Tabata-based interval workouts with in-app coaching. You can download training plans for 10ks or 5ks, find and create packs to play with and celebrate your success with family and friends.

2. Sleep Cycle

The sleep cycle is among the favorite apps on this list. It improves your sleep by helping you wake up on the right side of your bed. The apps through sound and movements analysis track your sleep cycles throughout the night and make sure you wake up when you are in your lightest one thus minimizing exhaustion, grogginess, and that overall ugh feeling. Around 30 minutes or the time you want the alarm goes off, set a wake-up phase and you are good to go.

3. Sworkit

Sworkit which stands for Simply work it is an exclusive app that offers exercise videos demonstrated by experienced trainers. This handy apps deserves a try as it comprises of more the 200 types of exercises, over 13 million users and a specialized app for kids. Customize your own workouts by picking your workout length, any special needs or limitations, areas you want to target or you can opt to choose from standard workouts. For preventing your body from getting used to a specific routine and maximize the effectiveness of each workout, the app combines interval training with randomized exercises.

4. Charity Miles

Whenever you run, walk, or bike, Charity miles helps you earn corporate sponsorships for charity. The apps measure your distance and enable you to earn money; 30 cents per mile for athletes or walkers and 15 cents per mile for cyclists. Donations come courtesy of sponsors such as Lifeway foods, Humana, and Timex Sports. Additionally, you can choose the charity you would like your money to be donated. Options include Wounded Warrior Project, Habitat for Humanity, Feeding America and many more.

5. PEAR Personal Coach

Downloading this app is similar to having a personal trainer at your fingertips for free without the staggering price of hiring one. For all fitness levels, the app provides numerous interactive audio workouts from different coaches. These coaches include Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Coach Jay Johnson, Olympian Deena Kastor, and other famous fitness professionals. PEAR has consists a feature that can help you find out the maximum rate at which a person’s body take in oxygen during exercises or even learn your VO2Max. To do this, simply pair your device with a heart rate monitor to do a quick running test which is a reliable indicator of cardiovascular fitness.

6. Strava

Strava is the best app for competitive cyclists and runners. It excludes itself from other apps by putting more emphasis on performance analysis. For enabling you to log and compare different workouts easily, the app connects to your Garmin to see how you are progressing. The leaderboard function is what makes athletes really like Strava. As you complete a ride or a run, you can quickly determine where you stuck up against other athletes who have done similar workouts earlier in the area.

7. Happify

Who does not want to be happy all the time? Developed by positive psychology experts, this app uses science-based strategies to increase life satisfaction and overall well being of a person. After downloading the app, pick a track to follow depending on your goals such as conquering negative thoughts, reducing stress or even working on relationship issues. After choosing your track, you will have games, quick tasks or reflections to do each day that will soon give you the tools you need to have a happy life and improve your overall outlook.

8. CycleCast

CycleCast brings all the benefits of a class to your phone as it comprises of experienced instructors, the ability to track your performance and a broad music library featuring today’s hits and a mix of classics. This app is for individuals who get on a bike in the gym but has no idea of structuring an effective workout. Simply select your playlist, class length, and instructor, and get ready to burn serious calories.

9. Fooducate

It is everybody’s wish to eat healthier, and everything starts at the grocery store. By letting you scan the barcodes of over 200,000 food items, the app makes healthier shopping a breeze as it tells you how good or bad the items are for your health. Additionally, you can use the app the other way. Instead of scanning a particular barcode, begin by selecting a category such as cold serials and see the list of highly rated products based on minerals, vitamins, sugar content, fiber, calorie count and more. You will feel better about your food choices in no time after you track it down in the store.

10. Calm

Calm is the app to download if you want more mindfulness in your day to day life. The app is specifically designed for meditation and is mostly useful for beginners who can begin with one week of calm series and learn basics of the practice. Additionally, based on your specific needs such as creating more forgiveness in your life or reducing anxiety, there are guided meditations available.

11. Pocket Yoga

With this app, you can practice Yoga anytime and anywhere. With a database containing benefits descriptions, and illustrations for more than 200 posses, Pocket yoga has something for yogis of all skill levels and ages. All practices and posses are designed by experienced yoga instructors to give you even more peace of mind. As you progress in your in your health journey unlock new environments and track your progress with an ongoing log of all your yoga practices.

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