11 Best Online Malware Scanners 2017-18

If you hold a computer system, then the safety of the system should be your priority. Computer Malware can damage the precious that you stay in your PC. When you’ve surfed the Internet for very long, you’ve probably experienced this, and you’re inclined to getting something installed and downloaded without your consent. Probably you’ve installed an Antivirus on your computer device. An Antivirus does an excellent job of defending the system of equipment from potential threats like viruses, trojans and other malicious code. Forgetting proper antivirus protection, the Antivirus program should have latest virus definitions. If the antivirus software virus definition isn’t up to date, your system is still at risk of security threats. There are lot’s of online antivirus scanners are available on the market, which gives the same protection to your Windows PC. Today we’re here with the list of 11 Best Online Malware Scanners 2017-18. The best thing we like about the online scanners that they’re easy to use and you don’t need to install the application on your system, just run the online scanner from the browser. So, check out our list of 11 Best Online Malware Scanners 2017-18 below and let us know what do you think about our list in the comment section below.

List Of 11 Best Online Malware Scanners 2017-18

Bitdefender Quick Scan

11 Best Online Malware Scanners 2017

Bitdefender is a free online virus scanning service which incorporates in-the-cloud scanning technology to detect malware. It scans your system very fast in less than 60 seconds. As most of the process will be done on remote Bitdefender servers, it’ll not slow down your system. Browser extensions are also available for this. Bitdefender servers are always up to date with latest virus definitions, so are assured for malware detection.


11 Best Online Malware Scanners 2017

Online malware scanner. With just an acceptance of the ESET’s TOS, you can scan your PC for known malware including worms, viruses, trojans, spyware, and phishing.

Adaware Antivirus Free

11 Best Online Malware Scanners 2017

Adaware is an another excellent option if you are creating an anti-malware toolkit from the ground up. It adds a virtual environment where the suspicious programs can be analyzed to see if they behave like malware. This means you’re always protected from the new malware – although you’re the first person to be attacked and the malicious program is not yet in Adaware’s database of known threats. The malware can then be safely contained and removed.

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Scan My Server

11 Best Online Malware Scanners 2017

This malware scanner provides one of the most comprehensive reports of different security tests such as Pass Site Scripting, Blind SQL Injection, HTTP Header Injection, Source Disclosure, PHP Code Injection, SQL and Injection among the others. The website notifies the scan report to the user by email and sends the vulnerability summary.

CA Online Malware Scanner

11 Best Online Malware Scanners 2017

Browse your drives for a file you think of being malware and upload it for their scanner to check it for you. One of the online malware scanners, the scanner can detect malware threats from within your web browser.


11 Best Online Malware Scanners 2017

In VirSCAN you can UPLOAD any of your files, but there’s a 20Mb limit per file. VirSCAN can scan compressed information with password ‘inflamed’ or ‘virus.’ Just click on Choose File followed by Upload, and your file will be scanned, showing you the results in your browser.


11 Best Online Malware Scanners 2017

Not only it scans the file, but also helps you to examine the URL and let you know that the URL is safe for the browsing or not. From the web uploader, you’ll upload file up to 32MB to scan and to scan the web URL all you have to input the URL in the box, and it’ll scan the link and give you the real results that the web URL is secure or not.

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11 Best Online Malware Scanners 2017

If you think that your site has been attacked by any of malware or contains malware in any of the forms, all you have to do is to copy and paste the URL on this site. The fingerprinting technology of this website allows the owner to monitor, scan and clean up any malware that’s the main reason of any malfunctioning.


11 Best Online Malware Scanners 2017

This online malware scanner gives many types of free online tools for small businesses such as anti-malware engines, heuristics, customized securities policies, and data sanitization tools to protect your company from known or unknown threats that arise from the internet.

Panda ActiveScan

11 Best Online Malware Scanners 2017

Panda ActiveScan is a service provided by Panda Security. First, you need to download this software called Panda Cloud Cleaner to get the maximum out of it. It quickly detects and removes malware threats from your computer.

BullGuard Virus Scan

11 Best Online Malware Scanners 2017

BullGuard Virus Scan installs a browser extension for the various browser like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. After installing the necessary browser extension, it starts its virus scanning process.


So these are the best online malware scanners. You can choose in between them. Above listed online malware scanners are well able to detect and remove the malware from the system. If you think that we forget any other online virus scanner, then let us know about that in the comment section below. 🙂