18 new details on Elon Musk's redesigned "Big F * ing Rocket" tied to the moon –

projector In this week's SpaceX event, Yosima Maesawa, Japan's billionaire who is the first passenger of a space travel agency, also talks about BFR and how this huge rocket and spacecraft will come back to the moon

In the long presentation (although it may be said to be a walk in a true musk style) we are under construction and dealt with movies and technical views of rockets planned to take off in a few years. And Musk frankly announced many topics in a long question period. As a result, we learned a lot about this novelty under development.

Are you sitting comfortably? good. I hope you like the photos of the spaceship!

(Note: quotations are transferred directly from the movie, but it may be slightly modified to make it easier to understand, such as "I know" or "like")

BFR is "ridiculous big"

Well, that is not real news – it's just there. But now, we know exactly how It is ridiculous big.

"The design of the production of BFR is different from some important points of what I announced a year ago: the redesigned spacecraft (or BFS) will be 118 meters, or about 387 feet Only half of the spacecraft itself is 55 meters Inside there is about 1,100 m 3 of usable space which is about 15 to 20% larger than the last description, its maximum loading capacity is low It is 100 metric tons in orbit.

"Well, that's a ridiculous big rocket," he added. The wall illustration he emphasized is the actual size. It wipes out the crowd and other rockets so that you can see.

What's in there? As you will see, it depends on mission.

No one knows how to call the fins

Musk is clear about the structure of the spaceship, but he is still foggy …

Hope you like the news:

18 new details on Elon Musk's redesigned "Big F * ing Rocket" tied to the moon -

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