48 hours applied to startup battlefield africa 2018 – news

People's time. In such a case, please join the news startup battlefield Africa 2018 now – after 48 hours the application window will close completely so please run now. Do you think you made the biggest start in sub-Saharan Africa? Are you dreaming on a global scale? So please come to the world in front of the influential people who came to Lagos in Nigeria on December 11 and realize big dreams. I'd like to apply here at the latest. September 10th at 5 pm PT.

Fifteen out of the best A series startup companies in Sub-Saharan Africa, 2018 start-up Battlefield African Championship, $ 20,000 in cash, 2 trips to San Francisco's startup battlefield (Competition at News Disrupt 2019) at the moment It is eligible to compete).

One of the strengths of startup battlefield is that all participants (winners or losers) benefit from investor love, broad exposure to media and general attention. Access to a wonderful network of leading technicians and entrepreneurs. Start-Up Battlefield alumni community of this network, more than 750 companies including names such as Dropbox, Mint, Vurb, etc. participated, raising 102 results by collecting more than 8 billion dollars. The experience and advice that these people bring are very valuable.

Our editors have gifts to pick winning startups and it is obvious to review each eligible application. The chosen founder receives an extensive field of expertise all …

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48 hours applied to startup battlefield africa 2018 - news

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