5 Best Hookup Apps and Easy Alternative to Tinder

Dating through Tinder became a rampage, it’s was both a trend and mischief. But somehow people took advantage of this dating site, and reports of crime from a different part of the country was reported.

Well, one thing’s for sure, Tinder is not a casual dating site or a site where you go to get laid or hooked up.

Now, there are many easy alternatives to tinder for casual dating. Some are the newly launched sex apps that allow users to find a perfect partner for the night without any uncertainties. They can enjoy the date and get comfortable as per their preferences without fearing being judged.

So, here are few easy alternatives to tinder that will allow you to get dates for casual dating p. It’s for both men and women whoever is looking for a great night ahead.

Hookup App

While Tinder has more people looking for a relationship, some people are not relationship minded, and three tinder is not their option. Here is where apps like hookup app come into play. Casual dating without relationship goals is perfect for some great hook up time.


Cutting down all unnecessary conversations and getting straight to the point, Tonight is a very straightforward free iOS app that does the job for you. You need to tap an ‘interested’ button before 6 pm on days you would like to do out for casual hangout. Rest the app shows you other people around you who are going out. So you can pick the person, and the App will pick a cool spot for you two to meet.


Well, this app works well when you are on vacation and looking to meet interesting people to spend the night. This free iOS and Android app allow you to browse the profiles of other users from the city or location that you are staying. This way you get hooked up in a vacation city even before you are there.


It’s another new app and goes perfectly as per its name. The wild allows you to get laid without any strings attached. That means you will be enjoying the night without the fear to face your partner in public again. But the best part is that the site conducts a photo verification, which allows users to be sure of the person they are meeting. So even if it’s wild, it’s surely doesn’t allow catfishers!


It’s another free app both on iOS and Android so that people can get ‘down’ to dating or casual hookups as per their desire. The app allows you both parameters. It’s just that you have to specify your requirements. Every day the app will send you about ten local profiles of your matches from which you can select one that suits you the best.

So what are you waiting for, download these apps and get down to fill your night with lots of love and fun and make your day end in a pleasant dream? That’s what’s the fun when you get to meet people with the same mind and to think, Right!

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