5 essential apps that work beautifully with iOS 12

iOS 12 provides surprisingly new features for your favorite applications. One is integration with the new Siri shortcut. This allows you to talk to Siri, automate applications and interact with them. But that's not all. In the camera application, you can access the depth information of the portrait and you can perform special effects.

Safari password automatic entry is also opened. Therefore, applications such as Dashlane and 1 Password are now available with one click. Let's look at the latest available iOS 12-y application.

Weather Carrots

Carrot is the most interesting weather application on iOS.
Photo: Carrots

My favorite sarcastic weather forecast application, Carrot, now integrates more than 15 new Siri Shortcuts. In other words, once you start the shortcut, you can hear everything about Siri about the weather and reply with Carrot's data. This means that weather forecasts, rain reports, or extended forecasts, as well as sunset times, phases of the moon, etc. can be obtained. Siri provides all the information on the lock screen without opening the application.

It is ideal to use the Siri shortcut, as it is often necessary to check the weather of the move. He has a new shiny Siri Face for OS 5.

price: $ 4.99 Plus In-App Purchase

download: Carrots of the App Store (iOS) Weather


Things are iOS 12 full citizens.
Photo: Culture code

Apps are a great way to talk directly with your app. On iOS 12, things have added nice iOS 12 supplements as follows.

Supports Siri shortcuts, Apple Series 4 and Siri faces, dynamic notification, iPhone automatic password entry, and landscape mode.

Things' Siri shortcut integration shows how shortcuts will be powerful. Although you can create your own shortcuts, the easiest way is to let the iPhone do it for you. Siri explains how to use your iPhone and provides shortcuts based on what you do frequently.

You can list these suggestions Settingsgt;In Recommended Shortcut section. Here you can see all the shortcuts that Siri thinks can be used, such as frequently asked podcasts, timers, messaging actions and so on. To add a trigger phrase, tap one of these items.

Among the new features, Dedos will add a new todos …

Hope you like the news 5 essential apps that work beautifully with iOS 12. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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