5 iPhone Xs USB-C Accessories For Your Charging Needs

Apple comes with a standard 5 W USB power adapter and a new iPhone. However, there are many other options on the market. There are five USB-C accessories for iPhone X that you may find interesting here. Not only iPhone Xs, but also some will work with other models. However, wireless charging is available only on iPhone 8 and later versions.

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PowerVolt 3.0

PowerVolt is a USB-C / USB-A high speed charger that can charge two devices simultaneously. The 18 W USB-C port allows you to charge the latest Apple phone with up to 3 times the power of a standard USB charger. The 12 W USB-A port provides more than twice the standard power to the second device. PowerVolt 3.0 has two models, either for cars or for home use. They are $ 24.99 and $ 34.99, respectively, and are currently available.

MagicMount Procharge

MagicMount is a Qi certified wireless magnetic charging station for car windows and dashboards. This device offers up to 10 W of wireless charging power and features an open design that gives easy access to all controls and ports of the device. It is available now with US $ 59.99.

Agile Wireless Pad

Image of Nimble wireless charging station in the USB-C series of iPhone X compatible accessories.This wireless charger is designed to wirelessly charge iPhone 8 or later at 7.5 W at the most efficient speed. QC 3.0 wall adapter for the fastest charge is attached. Use the included additional USB-A port to charge the cordless phone and connect the second phone or other USB device at the same time. The input ports supported by the USB – C port and the fail – safe circuit guarantee a safe connection while managing current and temperature. Currently available for US $ 39.95.

Anchor PowerWave 7.5 stand

Image of Anker loading bracket on USB-C accessory list of iPhone XAnker is well known in the field of battery and charging, its products are high quality. Support for PowerWave 7.5 allows you to power up to 5 W without interrupting any wireless device in your weapon. iPhone charging power increased to 7.5 W. Using a dual charging coil, you can watch the video in landscape orientation. Also, you can maintain power while maintaining portrait mode for web browsing and face recognition. Currently available for $ 29.99.

Aukey 26500 mAh Power Bank

Image of Aukey Power Bank in the USB-C accessory list of iPhone XsAukey is huge 26500 mAh A wonderful power bank when you travel. It can fully charge your iPhone 8 10 hours, or 9.7 inch iPad Pro 3 times Universal Charging provides total 3A output for simultaneous charging of USB-C device and three USB-A devices (USB-C port can provide powerful 3A alone). Charge the power bank via USB – C, Lightning or Micro USB port.

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