5 SEO Myths That You Should Know About

SEO is an important tool that most people are using increasingly to increase traffic on their site by improving the search ranking of their website. Still, there is an ongoing debate about the importance and relevance of this very important tool. The skeptics are still out they and they doubt that SEO works. They also label it really irrelevant and unnecessary. SEO is not a helpful tool for them and they consider it no less than a scam. This belief is wrong because it is not based on any substantial evidence. Therefore, to help you separate the myth from the fiction, we bring you five SEO myths that you should know about.

1. SEO implementation is not important or time-consuming

SEO is a complex process and it requires a number of techniques and a proper methodology. What most people believe however that only a few tweaks are required to implement good SEO. Therefore, they don’t hire the experts and believe in implementing SEO on their own. This is only recommended if you know SEO well and have enough knowledge about this. But if you do not come in this group, then it is always advisable to hire an SEO expert because this is a complicated and time-consuming job that needs an expert hand to implement successfully. To get the required results, look for an expert like Perth SEO expert.

2. The Importance of Social Media 

This is completely false because everyone knows that social media rules the internet nowadays. Some popular sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook draw in a large amount of traffic and influence people’s thoughts greatly. Therefore, considering the importance of social media, its integration with SEO is undoubtedly the best way to bring in traffic to your website. Google ranking is also affected in a good way when you bring SEO and social media together indirectly. The search result by Google will include posts on social media related to your websites if people are looking for things related to your focus point.

3. Move Beyond Text

People are ignoring everything and only prefer to concentrate on the content of their site and this might be relevant a decade ago but it is not fine now. The new Google bots see more than the text and content while ranking websites and therefore the website’s layout and presentation also matter a lot. The search engines now can read more advanced and newer website programs like Python CSS, Java, Javascript etc. For example, if your website does not have a mobile layout then it won’t be visible if someone does a Google search on their phone.

4. Website Updates

Website updates are one of the most commonly believed myth and people don’t really think that the number of times they update their website can affect their SEO too.  If you are not updating your content, images, and infographics from time to time then your ranking won’t really improve drastically. To improve SEO, don’t update your website in a random way. Instead, focus on important updates like the ones related to your content and niche.

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5. Content Is Not Important

Improving the rank of your website will need changing many things but one of the most important things that you need to consider is the switch to really good content. Your website might have everything but if it lacks in good content, then the ranking will go down and it will lose its reputation after some time, Authority sites, backlinks etc are only secondary and content is definitely the king when it comes to good SEO and your ranking.

So the above were some common myths regarding SEO that most people generally believe in. We hope this article made you more aware of this very important tool. Comment below to let us know what you thought!

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