5 Tools to Help You Manage Your Small Business Better

You don’t have to set up a big office or a brick-and-mortar store to be able to cater to customers. Today, the internet lets you connect with thousands – even millions – of potential customers from around the world. This makes running a small business from home more popular among entrepreneurs and business owners.

Just because you operate from a home office, however, doesn’t mean you can take business management lightly. You still need to fulfill orders quickly, keep up with customers and their demands, and run the business in an effective and efficient manner. These five tools we are about to review will help you manage your small business better.

Wave for Accounting

There are a lot of accounting suites you can use to better manage your business finances. Having a strong and healthy cash flow is the key to taking your business to success, which is why good accounting and financial management is essential.

Wave offers access to the right accounting tools even with its free version. You can scan invoices directly, keep up with expenses and vendor payments, and even deal with tasks such as payroll management and report generation with ease.

If the tools offered in the free version aren’t enough – or if you need more features as the business grows – you can always upgrade to the Premium version. Since Wave runs in the cloud, there is no need to worry about moving your data or losing sensitive business information.

Kanbanize for Task Management

Every part of your business operations can be seen as a task to complete. You can define parameters for each task, assign them to certain members of the team, and keep track of your entire business better with the right tool at your fingertips. Kanbanize is the work breakdown tool your business deserves.

Built on the proven Kanban system invented by Toyota, Kanbanize lets you visualize tasks and manage them meticulously. The web service offers a wide range of features too, including the ability to manage multiple projects using the same Kanban board.

You only need to look at this work breakdown case study from Kanbanize to fully understand what this tool can do. Based on the work breakdown structure case study, it is easy to see how visualizing tasks and managing them using the Kanban system can boost efficiency to a whole new level.

HootSuite for Social Media

Running a business today means doing a lot of digital marketing, even when your primary target is a local market segment. Building and maintaining a strong online presence for the business is essentially important in today’s market.

The tasks associated with running multiple social media accounts may seem overwhelming at first, but you now have HootSuite to help you keep all of those accounts managed properly. For starters, you don’t have to manually post to different social media sites since everything is now centralized.

You also have the ability to engage your followers – potential customers – better when using HootSuite to manage your social media presence. The tool also comes with features such as social media listening and monitoring, which means you can also run complex digital marketing campaigns using this suite.

G Suite for Collaboration

Most of the tools we have mentioned in this article run in the cloud. There are a number of advantages to being gained when you use cloud-based solutions to support different parts of the business workflow. G Suite, Google’s own business suite in the cloud, is the next tool you want to add to your arsenal.

The business version of G Suite supports the use of your own domain name. Sign up for an account and you immediately have access to the usual Google apps – Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and so many more – from your browser.

You also get the advantages offered by these apps. You can use yourname@businessdomain.com and still benefit from Gmail features like a capable spam filter, complex email management, and tabs. The G Suite account also works with native apps for Android and iOS.

Salesforce for Sales

Sales are at the heart of every business. In order to maintain a healthy cash flow and sustainable growth, you need to earn customers and generate sales. In today’s competitive market, advertising your products isn’t always enough. You want to build a deeper relationship with customers, and the way to do that is through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

Salesforce is about as comprehensive as a CRM software gets. You have everything you need to manage the customer journey of each individual customer. You can even offer personalized services and other custom touches based on the insights gathered by Salesforce. More importantly, this too is a tool that runs in the cloud.

Combined, these five tools can really enhance your business. When integrated into your existing workflow properly, these suites and services will help you achieve maximum efficiency and sustainable growth.

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