6 Legal Place To Watch Movies Online or Download Movies

Update - 2017.10.13

Everyone loves watching movies but going to a multiplex, buying a  ticket and sitting for 3 long hours can be a tedious task for some. What if you can get to watch your favorite movie at your own convenient time and that too free? How cool would be that? To solve up your same query, we are here to bring to you 6 websites which are legal for downloading Movies. There are an array of movie websites and many of which are illegal or take you to a third-party website which can be harmful to your system. You might not be able to differentiate among which is legitimate and that could be pretty dangerous risking your confidential and private information.

List of 6 Legal Place To Watch Movies Online or Download

With the birth of streaming apps and websites, there are legal ways to download movies and enjoy along with your Popcorn! Let us have a look at those 6 websites.

Public Domain Torrent

Among the most used and trusted is the Public Domain Torrent for downloading the movies where there is no suspicious activity going on. The library of the movie includes cult classic movies some of which you might want to download and view on your devices. Though there are hardly any new collection of movies, the movies available to download are the classics which you would not want to miss. The best part is you can download movies in any format you like, low quality or highest quality.


Supposedly a favorite of the majority of the population for downloading their movies, the Internet Archive has seen a surge after the Torrent links were introduced. Choosing from any category of movies you want to download like Comedy, Sci-Fic, Romantic, Thriller and much more, you can have a good read of books, Documentaries also on the Internet Archive. Simply Download the favorite movies from the collection from the torrent links available in the quality you like and watch it whenever you want to.


As the name suggests, the Top Documentary Films from war, environment, health, global aspects etc are available on the website to download legitimately. Comparatively the website has newer movies to download as well. The navigation through the website is easy and you can download the films based on the ratings and feedback given by the users. Documentaries and movies from top websites are pulled making it a one-stop shop for all your movie downloads.


Popularly known to be the place of Thousands of Free movies and TV shows, PopcornFlix, boasts of letting you watch all media content without spending a single dime. Owned by Screen Media Ventures, the company is a well-known media house and media distributor letting you enjoy the popular Tv shows and National Geographic series on their website. From the categories listed, you can simply watch online, download for later purpose and enjoy their collection.


The website allows you to curate TV shows, Movies, stand up comedy videos all for free. The website movie content includes various public domain movies which you can easily download at no cost. Right from classic films, comedy films to some of your favorite TV shows, you can get it all here. As it is public domain movie website, it actively eliminates the movies which have some copyright issues.But their movie library comprises of certain films which you would not be able to find somewhere else.


The cinephiles who wish to watch some great movies online or download for free, Snagfilms is the best option to choose. You can pick the movies from various categories listed on their website which allows smooth navigation and is highly responsive. It is compatible with almost all platforms and your devices making it an, even more, better experience. From low-quality videos to HD quality movies, you can download as per your requirement and you are sorted.


A movie buff always searches for best of the options to download movies and what more good if he/she gets it to download and watch it for free. Among various illegal and fake movie downloading websites, we presented you the best 6 legal movie download websites which would help you to download more and more movies in future! We believe the list might prove useful to you!

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