7 Most Overlooked Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycling is thrilling, but this thrill comes at a cost of risks. Facts claim that a motorcycle is 35 times riskier than a car. This reality mandates following road safety tips. Motorcyclists often take these safety measures for granted and this list is to remind our fellow motorcycling enthusiasts of the most overlooked tips:

The Prime most: Helmet

The helmet is the most necessary safety tool. Most of the riders believe that riding without a helmet with hair waving in the wind is cool but to protect your skull and remaining alive is cooler. Isn’t it? Helmets have always saved heads from blowing off and wearing it is indeed a smart decision.

Most of the riders do not know that one must not use a helmet too old. The sweat and oils produced by the bodies let the glues, polymers, resins and other material deteriorate after a point of time. They start to degrade and therefore, one must consider getting a new helmet. Nowadays there are awesome motorcycle helmets which can totally enhance a biker’s look.

Tire condition and air pressures

Riding on old and frayed tires is an invitation to catastrophe. Skidding of motorcycles is a not a rare sight to witness. The riders need to monitor their tires regularly. They must be prepared to replace the tire when needed. Make sure that the tires replacing are of good quality that can endure for a long while.

Monitoring air pressures is an important errand to do. An under or overinflated tire can compromise the safety. Maintaining the appropriate tire pressure is an easy task to do, one cannot really find reasons to not to do it. It is a simple process:

  • Read the manual for the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure
  • Use a gauge & adjust as needed
  • No fancy pumps needed, a simple pump will do

Timely Lubrication

A Motorcycle requires the perfect lubrication to continue running efficiently for long. Many times, motorcyclists do not pay much heed to the fluids, which is a wrong move to make. These fluids help in absorbing the moisture in the air. The Motor parts require oiling after a passage of time. Neglecting the same could disrupt the functioning of the bike and could lead to lesser stopping power and no doubt, a bad braking system is no less than a deadly danger. Good lubricating oil can bring a drastic change in the working of a motorcycle.

Good Gear

Biking is not just about investing in an attractive sports bike; it requires focusing on the necessary gears as well. Gears are not merely worn to look like a rider but there is also a safety aspect attached to it. Good biking gears are mandatory for safe rides. One cannot get good gears for cheap, it requires a considerable amount of budget. These motorcycle safety gears can bear the brunt of damage instead of the rider.

Also, it’s never a good idea to wear rugged gear. They solve no purpose and do not really help in the times of crisis.

Covering levers

An accident is always uncalled for. Being on a two-wheeler makes one more prone to accidents and that is why it necessary to protect themselves from the other vehicles on the roads. If a car driver is recklessly changing lanes, the urge to react is natural but the necessity is to avoid an accident. Keeping fingers on the clutch and the brake levers help in balancing spontaneously. Whenever an emergency strikes, this is how you are prepared enough to act appropriately and protect your life.

Maintaining Chains and Mirrors

The chains of motorcycles are often neglected but it is advised to keep a check on them after every 500-700 miles. A chain of the perfect fit without worn out links is a prerequisite for a good motorcycle. A regular check can ensure that the chain is clean and lubricated appropriately. Along with that, the conditions of the sprockets must be check as well. Dull sprockets can make the chain come out which is dangerous.

Talking about mirrors, they are important to avoid accidents. It facilitates situational awareness. It is very helpful to know the status of the traffic coming from behind. There are utmost important while changing lanes or making a cut. A broken or a hazy mirror needs to be mended and an absent mirror needs to be replaced with an existing one.

Concentration and alertness

An alert motorcyclist can easily avoid making his way out of the undesirable situations. A plethora of accidents occurs because of the lack of alertness. One distracted second can cost lives, that is why it is obligatory to abstain yourself from every other thought and focus. Some riders text while driving which is the most horrendous thing to do. Not every time one’s luck is favorable enough to favor the guilty. Therefore, it is important to stay alert and be aware of the surrounding.


We hope that this article helps the motorcyclists acknowledge the ignored. These are the basics known to every driver but need to be reminded and remembered. This is just an attempt to spread awareness towards safe and sound driving experiences.

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