9 Apps To Boost Your Business And Make It Prosperous

Mobile phones and tons of other gadgets continue integrating into all spheres of our lives and thus, become valuable tools that we use on a daily basis. The modern technologies help us make our lives, studies, work, and other activities more productive and straightforward, and the business sphere is not an exception!

Is there any real benefit of the business use of mobile apps? In fact, there is! Some highly useful apps can help you improve business performance, make the workflow more efficient, and even increase income! In this post, I will tell you about my top nine apps that will boost your business and make it prosperous if you use them correctly.

How Can These Apps Be Helpful?

There are a few ways of getting benefit from them. Firstly, there are much great planning and organizational tools that will help you keep track of everything that is going on in the company, which is very important for any business. Other useful mobile apps for businesses help you manage your workflow easier, this type of tools contributes to organize the workflow and perform certain tasks faster and simpler. How else can you benefit? Last, but not less beneficial category of business tools includes apps that help you collect statistics, analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns, and improving your strategies.

What Are The Top 9 Apps For Your Business?

Manage your finances easily with Mint.com!

This tool helps you store details about all of your company’s expenses in one place and based on the collected information it gives you good tips on how to save some money. Besides, Mint.com also can create a customized budget for your company based on your needs and spending; thus it is a must-have tool for each business owner!


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Manage your business from any place with Square Register!

This is a tool makes it possible to handle the business whenever you are. It features a free card reader that makes it possible for you to accept payments via credit cards from anywhere, and besides, it charges no hidden fees and is safe to use!


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Collect reports with week done!

This is a free service where you can create an account for your company and register each employee to make it easier for you to collect weekly reports from all of your team members. Your staff will get reminders that ask them to fill out a report form. This form contains the following information: current issues or questions, the weekly progress, and plans for the next week.


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Remember about all of your bills with BillMinder!

Not always it easy to keep in mind all of the important tasks and issues. The Billminder allows you to keep track of all bills that have to be paid; it can synchronize with different devices and will send you reminders each time you have to pay for a particular bill. The tool also sends you some advice on how to save money.


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Set tasks with OmniFocus!

This app always appears at the top of charts despite its high cost because it helps you boost your business and has the following advantages:

  • New projects synchronize with all team members immediately;
  • Big number of features;
  • Convenient task-manager;
  • And much more!

This tool improves constantly. Thus, if you have a big project that has to be performed soon – you should get OmniFocus, and the workflow will become much more organized, efficient and simple!

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Travel with TripIt!

If you have to arrange business trips often – then TripIt is your best helper in organizing the trip, reserving the accommodations, arranging meetings, and sharing your plans with others.


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Send files easier with Dropbox!

Everyone has already heard about this app. Its popularity is easily explained by a convenient design and a large number of helpful features that make sharing files an simple and enjoyable process. Besides, for business owners, this tool has one great feature that allows constant synchronization of files that have just been edited by one of your employees, which saves you lots of time and nerves!


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Get the high-quality content of all types with Au.EduBirdie.com!

Au.EduBirdie.com is a website that writes essays for you. However, it can be quite useful for businesses as well because here you can order writing of different articles, web content, blog posts, business plans, and much more. Thus, it is an excellent service to consider if you need to get a big piece of writing done fast and at the highest level!


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Arrange meetings easily with Cisco WebEx Meetings!

There are many different video services. But what makes Cisco WebEx Meetings the best one among them is that it allows you to share files with all participants of the meeting at once! Thus, you can run a presentation or display some report in real-time and discuss it while you have a conference with your teammates.

Final Words

These are my favorite tools! In fact, there are tons of other handy tools out there that also can bring you many benefits. Or, if none of these apps suits your needs – you can always think about creating your corporate tool and promoting it! This will certainly be more complicated than download a ready-made app. However, maybe your corporate app will bring you to the top.

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