9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hire Freelance App Developers For Your Project

Apps have become an integral part of every brand that helps in enhancing its reach. You have made the decision to create a mobile app for your business. Now, what is the most vital call you have to take?

It’s the decision to hire freelancers or availing the services of a seasoned app development company. Both of these approaches are feasible but if you do the deep research you can figure out that why it is always a good idea to hiring app developer from a professional development agency. In order to shed some more light on this, let’s analyze the top nine reasons why you should not approach freelancers for building the app for your business.

  1. You Might End Up Paying More Than What Was Your Estimated Budget

It is quite obvious that initially, it will seem very cost-efficient to hire a freelance app developer who has a good rating. But this is not the reality. Freelancers usually charge on the per hour basis. Also, in most of the cases, they don’t provide you with a fixed budget for the entire project. This will create an uncertain situation for you and it’s possible that you might end up paying much more than what you anticipated.

On the contrary, an efficient app development company will provide you with an exact quotation to build your app based on your specific requirements. Also, there are no hidden costs involved. Moreover, you can tell them that you don’t have enough money to invest in app development and they can adjust the budget accordingly.

  1. You Can Not Be Assured Of The Quality Of The Work

The freelancers have their own style of working on a project and therefore you cannot be assured of the quality of the work. There will be a loss to you in case the quality of the work gets hampered. Also, you can’t tell whether they are actually working on a project or hired someone else to work on their behalf.

For instance, most of the clients don’t have any clue whether the code of the app is written optimally. They can’t check the credibility of the programming language as well. In addition, freelancers don’t have that much patience to fix the issues.

In this case, an experienced app development company has an edge over freelancers. Also, freelancers are believed to be unreliable and unstable. You can’t easily chase them in case if they leave your project in midway.

  1. Lack Of Adequate Support

Freelancers don’t have a robust support and community to back them up in case if they face any problem during the app development process. Most of them work individually without any well-coordinated team.

Moreover, they can only take help of online videos and tutorials which is not considered to provide them with the respective solution to their problems. Also, they face difficulty in making decisions as they are all alone.

But top app development companies have skilled teams of professionals. There is a project manager, backend developers, UI and UX designers, app testers and all other required professionals that make every effort to ensure that the project gets completed successfully.

  1. The Risks Associated With Communication Gap

Freelancers do not have any fixed time for working which makes it difficult for you to be in touch with them. Therefore, it is you who would suffer in case there is any misunderstanding or confusion. Also, it can be possible that they are not available when you need them actually.

However, an efficient app development company has a team which is dedicated to working on your project in fixed hours every day. You can easily interact with them in case if you want to discuss something urgent. Also, you can be well-aware of your project is progressing.

  1. You Might Choose The Wrong Person For The Job

There can be a lot of risks in case you finalize to hire a freelance app developer in hurry without even scrutinizing the profile. Such a scenario can give birth to several problems such as the freelances isn’t having the required skills or expertise which is specific to your project.

But there will be no chance of you facing such issues when hiring an app development company. It is because every member of their team is hired after a rigorous process of interview and assessment.

  1. The Problem Of Not Completing The Work Within The Deadline

When working with freelancers there is a risk that they have a casual attitude towards your project. They can miss the deadlines for completing the project because they were occupied with other projects. Also, they can find your project complex and difficult and you can’t even help it in such a situation. Moreover, you have to push them again and again and keep monitoring their work.

By hiring an experienced app development company you can be assured to get your project completed in time. There is no need for you to poke them time and again plus they give you the guarantee to complete your work within the set deadline.

  1. No After-Release Support

Freelancers do not give support and maintenance services after your app is launched in the market. Once their job is done, they will never be in constant touch with you to resolve your queries and problems.

But a renowned app development company has the sense of responsibility and they are much more committed than the freelancers. Also, they are ready to help you in case you have any issue after your app is launched.

  1. The Hassle Linked With Payments

When working with freelancers you might face a lot of confusion overpayments. They might ask you to pay them on an hourly or weekly basis. Also, after the project is completed they might ask you for more money than what was actually decided in the beginning.

On the other hand, app development companies maintain full transparency. Therefore, there is no possibility for you to face any confusion or dispute over payment issues. The cost is fixed and you have to pay them in the manner it is decided in the beginning.

  1. Your Idea Is Not Secured

When you share your unique app idea with freelancers, there is no guarantee that they will keep it as a secret and won’t share it across. Therefore, your idea isn’t safe and secured with freelancers. Also, they can share it with your competitors.

But an app development agency never shares your app idea with others. They assure to keep it intact with them. It makes it possible for you to trust them completely and share your ideas without any fear.

In this way, hiring freelance app developers is not a good alternative for your business. It is better to choose a professional app development company who can build an exclusive app that has the potential to take your business to a new level.

About Author:

Anubhuti Shrivastava is a content crafter at Arkenea, a custom software development company helping entrepreneurs and businesses build successful web and mobile apps. She is passionate about writing articles on topics related to design and the software development industry.

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