A customer experience : After a year of Comcast, my verdict

Xfinity is the Comcast name of home cable service.

Ah, [bleep]. That was the moment when the house we just borrowed after Hurricane Armor ran away, as a broadcast service provider, realized that he only had Comcast and Comcast. I never used Comcast before, but I am convinced of the fear.

I earn my living by relying on high-speed internet at my house. I was facing a year or more (we sold our house in Florida and had to buy it and buy it in Oregon). And now, I have named Comcast. Oh is that so He was ahead of it.

Also, why does not a company do it if the first customer is very important?

my [expletive deleted] The recognition of Comcast was not just a personal opinion. That was openness. I have never really used Comcast, but I am convinced of all of them.

Comcast's reputation

Their most classical one was probably Engadget's former editor Ryan Block trying to cancel the Comcast service. CNET (and anyone in the world) is reporting this spectacular conversation. There is a record that can not be overlooked. Equity, Comcast apologized for their rather generous representatives.

To be frank, considering their reputation, I was talking before meeting with a representative of Comcast. One year after talking with at least 12 people, I can say that they are all nice and reasonable people with all good attitude.

the same Time magazine picked up. When TIME records bad customer service, you know that it is a legend.

It came in 2014. It was not the first time Comcast was in hot water. In 2011, Comcast was chosen as the worst company in America, and CNET talked about it. Consumerist We conducted an online survey of the most disliked company. And badly, obviously, Comcast encouraged employees to vote for the company. And by aggravating the situation, they were caught.

For many years it was. A customer who is angry with Comcast. Worsening and deteriorating reputation. Like me, many people face Comcast as a monopoly provider. If you want broadband, you have no choice. You needed to use Comcast.

Yes, 2011, and 2014 long ago. this is true. But in January 2017, PCMag was a few months ago when Comcast turned out to be my only broadband option. Declared Comcast is the most disliked company in the United States. Yowch!

My experience

Like a lot …

Hope you like the news A customer experience : After a year of Comcast, my verdict. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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