A Minor Google Maps Update Should Stop Friends & Family From Panicking When Tracking Your Location


If you are normally sharing your position with family maps and friends’ Google Maps, if you stop broadcasting all of a sudden, you need to prevent a panic from occurring due to minor updates to iOS and Android cards.

Engadget In the latest version, it is reported that the battery level will be sent next to your location.

For example, by notifying people that the battery is almost empty, you will not worry if you can not get in touch with the next hour. On the other hand, if you know that your cell phone still has a lot of juice and you do not answer when you think you can speak freely, they will ask you to confirm that you are safe Measures can be taken. It is a small change with great potential for security.

Google Maps recently got a “match function” trying to predict the new restaurant you think would be enjoyable. These recommendations are based on the interests and ratings you have registered other than what you have visited in the past.

Source: 9to5mac

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