ACCC warns telcos against unlimited ads

The Australian Competitive Consumer Committee (ACCC) warned Telstra, Optus and Vodafone that the term "unlimited" was used for advertising and ceased to be subject to prosecution.

All three Australian mobile service providers are advertisements and ACCC's President Rod Sims has begun to investigate advertisement of ad dogs. Optus appealed to Telstra.

Sims pointed to Telstra's "unlimited" plan that provided 40 GB of data at normal speed, after which it reached the upper limit of 1.5 Mbps. Optus "unlimited" service, which also imposes 1.5 Mbps speed limit, and connection sharing, streaming and download restrictions, and removal of priorities in case of congestion. Vodafone's "unrestricted" plan restricted its use at 1.5 Mbps.

According to the report, these advertisements broadcasted from March to June this year were qualified with "not adequately alerted warning to explain the existence and the impact of restrictions to consumers" It was. ; ACCC.

The Australian federal court found that Telstra's advertisement proved to be misleading or deceptive, so Telstra, Optus,

"Telecommunications companies need to be careful not to use absolute assertions as" unlimited "and do not give a true image of what is offered to consumers.

"Because the penalties for consumer law crime are much higher, they hope to fulfill their duties more seriously." From now on, the penalties brought by the consumer law will seriously affect the result and will not hesitate. "

This month ACCC announced a law to increase the potential penalties that consumer dogs could charge on telecommunications and telecommunications companies by nine times and raising fines from $ 1.1 million to $ 10 million. Australian dollar.

Individual sanctions under the Australian consumer law (ACCC says it is likely to prosecute executives who deliberately accepted misleading advertisements) has also been raised from 220,000 Australian dollars to 500,000 Australian dollars per violation It was.

Last month Optus confirmed the end of the Federal Court's "unlimited" advertising battle with Mr. Telstra and sent a judgment "completely justified" in the case.

"Optus had an action against Telstra as the smell of the advertisement …

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