Activity app challenge awards go missing for some iOS 12 upgraders

Some iPhone owners may not have that Activity Challenge Awards have disappeared from their list of achievements after updating to iOS 12, warns Apple, advising a fix to restore the missing rewards.

A number of users discovered that the Activity app on their iPhone did not qualify for five challenge rewards if they were upgraded to iOS 12. These limited edition rewards Normal appearance in the Tasks tab during of a specific day, making them unavailable to collect at any other time of the year.

The five awards include Thanksgiving Challenges 2016 and 2017, Mother's Day Challenge 2017, Veterans Day Challenge 2017 and National Fitness Day 2018 2018.

A support document released Monday that that Apple's aware of that problem and will treat it in an upcoming software update. No delay is expected for the assignment of the patch.

The wording of the document suggests that this is only a temporary and non-permanent issue, and that those who have won the awards are likely to see them on the page at some point in time.

Used in conjunction with Apple, the Activity app gives a number of achievements to its customers to encourage formatting, with people sharing their business receiving alerts when others meet a challenge. While most are tied to the retention of the streaks or the creation of new personal bests , Apple sometimes imposes limited time challenges to celebrate events.

Launched on Monday, iOS 12 brings a number of changes to the operating system, including the performance enhancement of older devices, monitoring the use of the Screen Time application, MeMoji, enhanced notifications, changes to primary applications, and other changes.

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