Additional weeks to apply to startup battlefield Africa 2018 – News

There are no creative innovators, creators or technology entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa. It is the reason why we organized the world famous startup contest in Lagos, Nigeria on December 11th in the startup battlefield Africa.

We are hoping to give competitive opportunities to innovative founder of the region. Therefore, we extended the application deadline for another week. We encourage founding founder of technology to enter and participate to become a journey to change our lives. Until now September 10th at 5 pm PT Fill out your application form and submit it

We are not joking when we say that startup battlefield will change your life. Since 2007, more than 750 companies have participated in the launch competition. Our graduate community includes Dropbox, Mint, TripIt, Vurb and so on. Together they raised over $ 8 billion in funds and went out for 102 times. We are looking forward to adding it to 15 foundation classes in sub-Saharan Africa.

The merit of the contest is beyond the prize awarded to win the founder. Each participating team holds a reputation-free exhibition, not to mention precious links far beyond the first day of the competition. In addition, participation in the startup battleground is 100% free. This exhibition has a considerable ROI.

Our experienced news editors select and up to 10 emerging enterprises to review and qualify all eligible applications, these founder …

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Additional weeks to apply to startup battlefield Africa 2018 - News

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