AFP analysing sensitive data without accessing the unpleasant truth

The Australian Commonwealth Police (AFP) personnel are faced with the difficult task of scanning thousands of photos to identify and classify content frequently involving child exploitation and militant materials.

This is a difficult task that could have a serious impact on staff, but organizations like AFP often do not have police officers as analysts. Therefore it is legally and ethically difficult to understand the data.

Janis Dalins (senior examiner of forensic medicine at AFP) had problems with his Ph.D. Monash University. He had to access the data analyzed by his boss.

"I'd like to improve the performance of existing cryptographic techniques and perceptual hashing methods in blogs posted on the website of the Digital Conversion Agency (DTA), that is to say, Speed ​​up the identification process.

Dalins contacted Data 61 of the Federal Science and Industry Research Organization (CSIRO) to assist in the development of a solution that allowed the supervisor to access the data it was analyzing, but could also be used in AFP .

Dr. Yuriy Tyshetskiy, Researcher of Data 61 Chief Data, supported this project.

Dr. Raj Gaire of Distributed Systems Security Group of Data 61 detailed the data airlock, a solution to this problem.

"In a standard data analysis environment, we will use a solution to analyze the data and obtain the results, where the data will arrive," Gaire explains. "With Data Airlock, I do not want to touch the data as far as possible, there is a solution to the data."

Data locking is initially configured within the execution environment where the data goes into an encrypted form of memory location.

"The system runtime manager is responsible for encrypting data, moving patterns, entering patterns, executing, encrypting in that environment, executing in that environment, getting results, preserving data Gaire.

The result is an expert, AFP person who decides whether to distribute data, and if so decides who accesses it.

During the investigation, the solution analyzes the material and if considered …

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