After release of Uber, Go – Jek in Indonesia now lives in Vietnam

Go-Jek is expanding its business.

Uber departed Southeast Asia six months ago, so Grab, who acquired Uber's activity in that area, was advertised as the king of the area. But now he has a rival.

Go-Jek, a shipping company based in Indonesia, has taken the first steps to start a business in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam in his home country. Go-Viet, released on Wednesday, is said to be a "multi-service on demand platform" allowing users to access bicycle sharing and messaging services.

This is following a smooth launch in Ho Chi Minh City 6 weeks ago. Although 1.5 million downloads were seen in the launch, not all of Go-Viet's services were available immediately.

Vietnam is the first step in international expansion announced by Go-Jek in May. The company plans Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines and has no deadline, but plans to expand investment of 500 million dollars.

The company plans to add a new service to Go-Viet including car sharing, food delivery, digital payment, etc.

"We are proud to share unique Indonesian skills and people in other countries make more efficient use of urban mobility and more importantly it will benefit while it is being improved I am in …

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After release of Uber, Go - Jek in Indonesia now lives in Vietnam

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