Alibaba looks to arm hotels, cities with its AI technology

Alibaba will release the AI ​​chip next year

China's Internet giant announced plans to release its own artificial intelligence processor to strengthen cloud and Internet activities.

Located with a nickname called Space Egg and at a distance less than 1 meter, this robot is built with aluminum housing and provides faster response to multi-sensor data and computing capability.

There are semantic maps, autonomous navigation systems to identify and avoid obstacles during travel, and communication systems that can control lift. The march can reach 1 meter per second.

Moreover, since it has face recognition technology, it is possible to confirm and confirm identification information, support voice commands, and can talk with guests. His answer is reinforced by AliGenie, Alibaba's intelligent speaker, the same software behind Tmall Genie.

Chen Lijuan general manager of Alibaba A.I Lab said that the new robot is intended to "fill the gap" between customer needs and expected response time. Mr. Chen told the robot as the next evolution towards the smart hotel, said he solved the problem of the hospitality industry using AI technology. Improve service efficiency.

Alibaba hopes that the robot can relax its dependence on human labor depending on human labor by performing a series of tasks such as providing meals and delivering laundry to guests.

Robots are currently being tested in the hotel, …

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