Alibaba to launch own AI chip next year

Alibaba has adopted more cloud products all over the world, taking into account the growth of APAC

China's Internet giant talks about new products such as Anti-Bot Service and data center installation area in the Asia-Pacific region as major differentiators of cloud competitors, Amazon Web Services, Google. His machine learning experts argue that governments trying to build smart cities like Singapore are guaranteeing that citizens will benefit from such efforts.

In addition, Pingtouge, a new semiconductor company that announced to focus on custom AI chips and embedded processors, was also created. These efforts will help Alibaba to expand the activities of the cloud and Internet of Things ("IoT") and promote the development of industry-specific applications, he added.

In April, Alibaba bought an IC design supplier Hangzhou C – Sky Microsystems and stated that it is "not important" to strengthen chip manufacturing capacity. This approach will also link the strengths of the two R companies. It meets the demand for China to be autonomous in the development of key technologies.

After that, I revealed the initial plan of AliNPU. AIiPU is designed to handle AI tasks such as image and video analysis.

Jeff Zhang, Technical Director of Alibaba, said at the conference: "From the front it is convinced our advantage in terms of algorithms, intelligent data, computational power …

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