Amazon added Hindi language option to be developed in India

Amazon is adding a Hindi option to sites and apps and trying to approach India's 500 million people speaking this language New York Times.

Until now, the Amazon website and many top rival websites were only available in English, but one tenth of the population of England spoke English. Amazon believes that by translating into a dominant local language, the site becomes more accessible and appears more reliable for Hindi clients.

Amazon is already the second largest online retailer in India but faces a massive competition with Flipkart, a large company that owns majority Walmart. Wal-Mart, like the United States, will not want to lose the online retail battle in India. It is still beginning, but there is still much room for change. Every year millions of people are accessing the Internet and less than half of them online regularly.

If the Hindi option succeeds, Amazon plans to launch it in other common languages ​​in India. However, doing these translations is obviously not an easy task. Many things seem to be automated, but in order to achieve this feat it was necessary to hire human translators to cooperate with companies to make the translation clear and natural.

British websites have dominated Indian online retailers so far. This seems to have been partially reflected, which of the countries had had …

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Amazon added Hindi language option to be developed in India

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