Amazon Echo Devices Make Up 63% Of Active Smart Speakers In The States

According to a new survey released today by Strategy Analytics, Amazon Echo models are responsible for 63% of installed smart speakers in the US. Then come 17% for Google and 4% for Apple.

Amazon Echo makes up 23% of active smart speakers in the US as single models, followed by the low-end echo dot (see picture above). The latter owns 21% of the installed base in the states.

After the first two models, the share of Google Home with 8% and the share of 7% in the Google Home Mini fell sharply. The Apple Home Pod is 4% installed in the US.

Although the device was not Apple’s expected big winner, its share is higher than that of 2% of Google Home Max. The percentage of Home Base’s US base also matches other models, including Amazon Echo Spot, Amazon Echo Show, and Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition.

According to the survey,

54% of respondents opted for smart speakers developed by Amazon, Google or Apple. This leaves a market largely open to other brands like Bose, Samsung, and Sonos. 88% of owners of smart speakers have at least one Amazon Echo speaker, while 31% have at least one Google model. This shows that consumers who buy multiple speakers do not necessarily stay on one platform and not on another.

58% of consumers surveyed have at least two smart speakers at home. 62% of users have one unit in the living room, 41% have one in the bedroom and 39% have installed a smart speaker in the kitchen. 12% installed a smart speaker in a bathroom.

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