amazon echo: Google beats Amazon and Apple in the race for smart speakers

Google smart speakers such as Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple HomePod are gaining popularity slowly, so Google seems to be led by this field. According to the latest quarterly report, Google Home Mini was the world's best selling smart speaker in the second quarter of 2018. According to this report, worldwide distribution of smart speakers reached 11.7 million units in the second quarter of 2018. Amazon Echo dot. Apple's HomePod was not included in the top five shipments. However, Apple HomePod added that it is leading market value ranking with 16% share of wholesale revenue.

Products of Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot account for 38% of worldwide shipments, but due to its low price, it accounts for only 17% of market value. Google shipped 2.3 million Google Home Mini throughout the world, but Amazon shipped 2.2 million Echo Dots in the second quarter of 2018. Alibaba Tmall Genie accounts for 7% of global market intelligent speakers.

When launching the new iPhone, Apple announced a small upgrade to a smart speaker, HomePod. Apple will soon make it easier for users to search Homepod's songs, in addition to setting multiple timers, making and receiving calls and receiving calls. All of these are part of a free software update. Siri's new Spanish support is in France's HomePod in Canada, Spain, the United States, Spain, Mexico and Canada.

Recently, Amazon launched a new update of the Alexa application. The new update extends the use of Alexa voice support on Android. Alexa is a virtual assistant based on Amazon's artificial intelligence. The virtual assistant debuted with Amazon Echo Smart Speakers and Amazon Echo Dot. With the new update, customers will be able to communicate directly with Alexa from the Alexa app on Android smartphones.

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