Amazon is not the only technology company to receive tax incentives – news

Amazon recently has a big goal behind it. Due to its size, scope and influence on local companies, critics have the right to carefully see tax incentives and other subsidies received. . There is no mistake to find out these breaks and see if they have achieved the goals set by the government on net new employment. But not only the Amazon is here. Many states have a history of Technology Encouragement Encouragement Awards, and there is no end to the government of the financial aid.

Indeed, the recent survey by the monitoring team, Good Jobs First, shows that millions of high-tech companies are ready to attract communities. They broke $ 3 billion for the construction of the Wisconsin display stand factory and Iowa's Apple data contract and included a $ 1.2 billion Tesla agreement for the construction of a Nevada state battery factory 3 One example is given in the report. Pause it.

Good Jobs Chief Executive Officer Greg Le Roy thinks that these grants are not legitimate and they will deprive SMEs of business development funds that tend to create more sustainable employment in the community.

"While many basket egg strategies are particularly inappropriate, many public leaders often give taxpayers a greater risk, especially for some technology companies to require a large tax system Celebrity names are more attractive to politicians who want to be active in the employment market, "says Mr. LeRoy and colleague Maryann Feldman.

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Amazon is not the only technology company to receive tax incentives - news

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