Amazon reveals Echo Link ; Sub, updated Echo Dot, Echo Show ; Echo Plus

At Thursday's press event, Amazon released the first echo audio equipment in a high quality space.

The $ 299.99 Echo Link offering 60 watts per channel has mixed analog and digital inputs, including optical, coaxial, Ethernet connections. If you already have an AV receiver you can get an Echo Link of $ 199.99 to connect the receiver and the speaker.

Both accessories plan to introduce Alexa's voice control into existing audio systems, including support for multi-room listening. The owner needs another echo speaker and an Alexa application to issue the order.

Echo Sub at $ 129.99 is pre-ordered today and is designed to pair with 2nd generation Echo or Echo Plus.In case two high speakers are connected it is actually 2.1 channel Audio setting is possible.

Echo Input adds Alexa voice support without built-in speaker such as Echo Dowry with $ 34.99 accessory to connect to existing speakers with Bluetooth or 3.5 mm.

Echo speakers generally form a stereo pair immediately and will allow the user to select preferred speaker or group of devices. This fall, multi-room audio will be delivered to third-party Alexa devices.

Amazon has also part of existing hardware, including two side fire drivers, radiator passive bass, 10-inch screen, including Dolby processing, smart hub, echo show with modified sound I am updating it. Navigation options include Firefox and Amazon's Silk. Pre-orders start at $ 229.99 and shipments arrive next month.

The new version of Echo Plus features bass and crisp sound, equalization function, and its own temperature sensor. In particular, the smartphone function works when the Internet is down, when other echo speakers can not do it. It can be pre-ordered for $ 149.99 and the show will be delivered in October.

The 3rd generation Echo Dot features a new microphone network and more powerful drivers for bigger sounds, with less distortion and high quality bass. Updated materials will be delivered for $ 49.99 next month.

Finally, Echo Auto mounts on the car dashboard, connects to Alexa via iPhone or Android device, and pumps the sound via car stereo. This device provides most standard echo voice commands, but adds location information based routines (automation) and routine routines.

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