Amazon's Bernie Sanders issue – news

Senator Barney, Vermont Sanders is seeking additional information on Amazon's warehouse work status before the law preparing for introduction on 5th September.

Income inequality was the center of President Sanders' presidential election in 2016. It was a popular message that resonated loudly with voters and gave boosts to black horses candidates among the progressiveists and independents involved during the main struggle.

But perhaps the message may not have surpassed it, but seeing that it is targeting a part of the world's biggest companies, it remains at the heart of Sunders' work at Capitol Hill There is a mission. In recent months, Amazon is in the sight of the Senator.

Today, Sanders Tweeted the link Have employees of online sales giants tell company work experience. In this form, current and previous Amazon employees can share articles either as files or anonymously. He says that workers "are fighting[d] If they need public assistance,

Sanders told the news that he was looking for additional information while looking for more information, although he knew about working conditions at Amazon 's warehouse today by phone. He was preparing to introduce legislation on September 5.

"The median salary for Amazon employees is about $ 28,000," senators said, "About half of the workers working for Amazon have less than $ 28,000 per year I earn income. "

I do not know why the company has …

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Amazon's Bernie Sanders issue - news

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