Amazon's Thursday Night Football live stream includes real-time statistics, shopping,

Amazon fully utilizes the live distribution agreement Thursday night football He seized the right early this year. This year, the company will release TNF 's pre – game program, broadcast a streaming game on Twitch video game distribution site, and enable viewers to access real – time statistics information using Prime Video' X – Ray 'technology Buy a team item on

X-Ray for Prime Video generally provides viewers with information on television programs and movie actors and characters, music and sometimes additional anecdotes.

However, in the case of TNF, we focus on players and teams.

The game began at 8:20 pm on September 27th and X – Ray Prime Video provides a new experience on Fire TV devices such as Fire Cube, 4K, Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, You can display statistical information about players.

Instead, the viewer presses the "up" button on the remote control of the Fire TV to display information such as game leader and statistical information of the team, tracks the person who is in a hurry, the person who overtakes the person, the person who received it, etc. I can do it. In order to learn facts such as team name and number of super bowls, you can deeply sink into your favorite team using the new "team" tab.

In the X-ray function, game statistic information and real time high display are also displayed, and it can be used from "Play Hi" tab.

These options mainly reorder Amazon X-ray functions for sports use, but the "shop" option is more advanced.

On Amazon, American viewers will be able to purchase directly from the TV screen at their site via X-rays for equipment such as team helmets, T-shirts.

This is not the first time Amazon tried to relate TV viewing to shopping. She launched a TV application in the past and I also tried a show of "style code / live" that I went boxing later. On this prime day, he ran.

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Amazon's Thursday Night Football live stream includes real-time statistics, shopping,

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