Amidst Musk scandal, Tesla likely to meet Model 3 production goal for the quarter

This is at least an interesting time for Tesla. At the same time that Elon Musk is subject to the SEC fraud case, automakers seem to be evoking Model 3 production extensively. If you remember, the first model 3 production was far from Tesla's prediction. Because the company had a hard time to avoid many manufacturing bottlenecks. Musk was finally criticized that the company relied heavily on automation.

Since then, the company has steadily increased the production of Model 3, but in the short term it has reached a production rate of 5,000 units / week in the previous quarter. Regarding the production of Model 3, ELECTrek Reported that Tesla could produce more than 51,000 units in the third quarter and slightly exceeded its company's third quarter production target.

In addition, Tesla achieved a production volume of 5,000 units / week in the current quarter. This is especially noteworthy given the skeptical view we observed about the ability of Tesla to maintain this production rate.

"Tesla could maintain about 1,100 units a day for four days this week, and we were able to maintain about 800 models three times a day at that time" This is what Tesla has done so far It is one of the highest standards of production that we have maintained. "

When Tesla announces the results for the first quarter at the end of October, we are planning to clarify more specific information. Until then, there was increasing evidence that model 3 production is increasing. Goldman Sachs analyst David Tamberrino announced in the third quarter production will reach 52,000 units by the end of the fourth quarter.

In addition, Mr. Musk said in a blog this month that Tesla "is trying to experience the most wonderful quarter in history by building and delivering more than twice as many cars over the past quarter."


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