Android phones: Dialing 911 now automatically shares your location

Google has introduced Emergency Locator Service (ELS) for Android devices in the United States. Therefore, the call to 911 automatically shares the location of the device with the emergency service.

Google partnered with emergency service providers T – Mobile and RapidSOS to provide ELS systems in the United States. In the US Virgin Islands, Google has partnered with emergency technology company West and local wireless provider Viya.

ELS is supported on Android 4.0 and later. In other words, about 99% of Android device owners can enhance location sharing during a call. # 39; Urgent. Users do not need to install another application or update the operating system.

Location information will be shared with emergency services without going through Google servers.

As CNET points out, the majority of US emergency telephone numbers are being dispatched from mobile phones according to statistics of the American Emergency Telephone Number Association.

The new system can not accurately explain its location to the operator if someone called the 911 from the mobile phone but did not know its location or if the call was interrupted. of.

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According to Google, the US emergency service center estimates that ELS can halve the "average uncertainty radius" from 552 feet to 121 feet or 159 meters to 37 meters.

Android support in ELS in the United States results from introducing iOS 12 which is the first version of iOS that allows Apple to use ELS for iPhone users. Apple announced the release of the emergency call function in June and has partnered with RapidSOS.

ELS indoor and outdoor location information is based on a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile network, sensor.

Google is actually helping because we already have ELS support in the other 14 countries.

In New Zealand, one told a fire, but he did not know where he was. Fire and emergency New Zealand was able to use ELS to locate the caller and fire.

The New Zealand government recently reported that 20% of 145,000 calls made since the introduction of the ELS system rely on automatically sharing location information.

Since ELS is supported with Android version 4.0 or higher, 99% of Android device is eligible.

Image: Google

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