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I was thinking to cover ads for iPhone and Apple last week, but by the time I started typing, I frequently saw coverage of this event on each post and all sites. Since I do not have a new product at hand, I do not add much. (If you missed it, I'm recording here.)

I'm more excited about Apple Series 4 than the new iPhone. This week I have inexpensive accessories for all generations of Apple I use.

Services to protect and accessories

If I get a new Apple, the first thing to do is to apply a screen protector.

I had a scratch on my first Apple crystal and I was disappointed. So I had a religion about using screen protector. Since then, I have updated Apple twice. Both crystals are intact, there are no scratches.

Over the years I have ordered at least six different brand protectors (all on At first, I thought that I could take notes and recommend one brand rather than another brand. However, after testing a half dozen brands, the IQ shield ($ 6.85 in 6 packs). Skinomi ($ 7.85 per pack of 6 packs); Supershieldz ($ 1.99 per 6 packs). Klear Kare ($ 6.90 for 6 packs); ($ 7.85 for 2 packs) – I found that there was little or no difference between them. And, in fact, they are all not surprised that they were manufactured at the same factory.

One of six or seven screen protection brands I tried.

I like soft film protectors and I think they are better than glass and hard plastic protectors. Although I liked tempered glass, I tried several brands, but it did not cover flexible edges as well as curved edges. The only drawback of these inexpensive transparent film protectors is that installation is a bit complicated and looks silly in a few months.

On the other hand, each less than $ 2, I did not worry about some mistakes while completing the installation technology.

Join the group ()

Going from the front, I love taking a few seconds to exchange a group. However, if the Apple band is beautifully constructed and well constructed, it starts with $ 49 for rubber and plastic sports bands and starts with $ 149 for other styles.

I only have to pay the Apple group, but I am not expensive. So when I looked at again, I found inexpensive counterfeit goods. For the Eclat, …

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Hope you like the news Apple Accessories at Prices You Can Afford. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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