Apple May Have Accidentally Revealed A Sleep App For Apple Watch

If you want to be able to sleep with the Apple laptop, your only option is to use a third-party application. That could change soon, however, as a list of the App Store for Apple Watch Alarms refers to what appears to be an official sleep app for the mobile, as Twitter user Daniel Marcinkowski reported for the first time. (@dmarcinkowski_) And MacRumors. The image has since been removed from the list.

Apple May Have Accidentally Revealed A Sleep App For Apple Watch

The short description indicates that users will be able to set their bedtime and wake-up time in the Sleep app, just like the Apple iPhone app. It is likely that, like Fitbit Versa 2, recently developed by Fitbit, the Apple Watch will also monitor the sleep mode of its user and wake up eventually at the best time.

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According to rumors, Apple planned to add a sleep tracking feature to the Apple Watch for several years. Reports were published in early September on 9to5Mac regarding sleep tracking sent to the Apple Watch, but the highlight was not mentioned during the company’s speech on the iPhone 11.

It is likely that if Apple organizes a hardware event at the end of October, sleep monitoring of the Apple Watch will make its appearance.

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