Apple again touts size in new #039;Growth Spurt#039; ad for iPhone XS Max

On Friday, Apple launched a new announcement of iPhone XS Max "Growth Spurt", the topic of the main product marketing of the XS series.

In this advertisement, I introduce the person taking the picture of the largest video content on the screen. Through its simple facts, people, animals and things are actually huge. It ends in the growing city as a whole and the slogan "everything you love will be bigger."

Apple 's focus is on the display size of commercials before XS and XS Max' s launch. XS has a relatively standard 5.8 inch display, Max is 6.5 inch, so it's not Apple's biggest smartphone at the moment, it is one of the most market.

The next mid-range cell phone, the iPhone XR will be about 6.1 inches in size.

Apple was extremely resistant to building an iPhone of 4 inches or larger once and claimed that it was better for people to reach every part of the screen with one hand. He gave this opportunity after knowing that he lost an Android device of about 5 inches with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus 2014.

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