Apple and AirPods to Be Spared from Next Round of China Tariffs

According to Bloomberg, Apple and AirPod are exempted during the next tariff increase period of Chinese products. Although the initial draft of a $ 200 billion trade war between President Donald Trump and China was initially addressed, said that the product codes of both companies will be exempt from tariffs as well as competitors.

Apple Series 4

Apple Series 4 is spared by tariffs

In a statement by the SEC, Apple warned that it could be affected by this new tariff, which will impose a 10% tax on a wide range of products made in China. The final list has not been published so far, but it is scheduled as early as Monday. President Trump said the reporter will be released after the project on Monday.

Fitbit is one of the competitors subject to this exemption.

Apple lobbying activity

In addition to warning investors that they could be affected by this interest rate, Apple also asked the US Trade Representative (Robert Lighthizer) not to be charged the fee.

"Pricing increases the cost of business in the United States, deprives resources and is at a disadvantage compared to foreign competitors," Apple wrote. "More generally, tariffs will lead to higher US consumer prices, lower US overall economic growth, and other unpredictable economic consequences.

A broader message does not seem to be tracked, but Apple is doing it without that device. Bloomberg also pointed out that Apple CEO Tim Cook took dinner with presidential cards and President Maryna Tramp in August. Mr. Larry Koodlow, former television expert and current White House economic adviser, said the White House regularly consulted Mr. Cook about economic problems.

"We talked with Tim Cook a number of times, a really smart man, he gave us advice.

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