Apple and the aggressive rollout of its iPhone XS vision for the future

Ability to sell Apple's own new technology

Last year, Apple 's big investment in front – end depth camera technology resulted. Components and technologies Apple has made with a series of acquisitions have enabled the TrueDepth sensor family and iOS face tracking and augmented reality support. These are successfully packaged as the main seller of iPhone X.

Apple 's new iPhone X technology is not presented as a potentially usable new material, as well as being presented as a new silicon Pixel 2 someday to create new magic tricks, but Portrait Selfie, Facial Tracking Animoji and Memoji's avatar, appearance detection, and face recognition biometric authentication for unlocking and approval of Apple's paid app purchase and transaction phone calls are protected.

The buyer understood what they were spending money on. This was not credibility of promises or betting on new devices like Andy Rubin's Essentials.

iPhone X was demonstrated at the Apple Store and legally provided functions that can be used immediately after purchase. And one year later, as Apple has supported hardware for years, unlike Windows Phone, Android, or other mobile platforms, Apple has developed iOS 12 and many more new features and commercialized it Then I was able to assume.

Apple's raw skills (previously experimented with others including Microsoft's Kinect and Google's Tango) are to find realistic, valuable and marketable applications and to bring them to global products I'll change it. 39, shipped at affordable price. Hiring – is not recognized intensely.

Critics, like many acquisitions such as HDR, Siri, Touch ID, Beats, are not looking at the ability of Apple to turn hay into gold, but in a movie studio that is likely to drop the flop, Apple The series is compared. …

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