Apple builds an online portal where police can request data

Apple is developing a new tool for law enforcement officers.

Based on a letter to Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island Democratic Party Tuesday, Apple is building a dedicated team to train staff of law enforcement agencies around the world on forensics, on Tuesday.

The company is also working on an online portal planned to be operated by the end of 2018, allowing law enforcement officials to submit and request data requests and obtain answers from customers. ;apple. Apple said in its letter that police and law enforcement officials may request "authentication information" when the portal comes online.

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In the opinion of CNET, we address the recommendation published earlier this year by the Strategic International Research Center on Cyber ​​Security (CSIS) and the institution that applied the law "Digital Evidence Requirements".

In that letter, Apple said he was eager to adopt the report's recommendations, including improving the law enforcement training program. This includes the development of online training modules for police that reflect Apple's latest trends …

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Apple builds an online portal where police can request data

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