Apple crime blotter: California Apple Store theft arrests, AirDrop on a plane, and a Chuck E. Cheese iPhone theft

The end of casual AppleInsider In the series, we cover the latest news on Apple related crimes all over the world.

Arrest in California

In the past six months California's Apple store had several dozen thefts, but only a few were arrested. But with one exception, three men were arrested on Wednesday after such robbery in Roseville, California.

Sacramento's bee At the same time Apple released the latest robbery at Roseville Galleria 's Apple Store on Wednesday, Apple announced about 150 kilometers of new iPhone in the south and the west, at the same time the suspect reportedly fled in the car. The car entered two separate crashes, two suspects left their feet and ran away. Two of them were arrested after escape and three were arrested at the scene of the accident.

The forces of the order did not know whether this theft relates to others in the state. The Roseville Apple Store was stolen the fifth time this year and was stolen the third time in the 4th.

"Pictures of criminal scenes" Land theft

The flight from Auckland to Hawaii was delayed earlier this month after some passengers looked like a clear picture of the crime scene via Airdrop. by Buzz feedThere were delays as 15 passengers received photographs on the aircraft while the airplane was taking off and some were afraid of being a threat. The photograph turned out to be from the 15 – year – old biological class in flight he was about to send to his mother.

In an unrelated incident after takeoff, a spray of pepper spray appeared and a part of the cabin of the airplane was filled.

My iPhone finds suspected domestic invasion

Thieves in the world steal the iPhone, you probably can not unlock, but you should know that you can still track it. A thief prosed in Spokane, Washington state police said, when he committed a home invasion including theft of the iPhone, it found it difficult. by KXLYThe police immediately launched Find My iPhone and found a phone with the suspect at a nearby alley.

Nigerian celebrity iPhone theft leads to word war

Nigerian actress and actress Instagram, also known as Wofaifada, has recently skipped her iPhone 7 …

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