Apple demonstrates how complex it is to own digital content

The purchased digital contents existed since the iTunes Store was released in 2003, but the situation was very different. Devices are not always connected, streaming is not the main way to access purchased (or subscribed) content, but most media are physical media (VHS tape, DVD, CD or 8 tracks). . Currently content is broadcast, stored in the cloud, made available to all devices, possession of digital content is much more complicated than purchasing movies, books and movies. Album, indefinite.

Twitter A recently toured Anders G da Silva (@ drandersgs) Discovered that three separate movies had disappeared from his iTunes library. After contacting Apple, he learned that the movie "content provider" removed the content from the iTunes Store Canada. This means that the movie on Apple's server is no longer available.Apple warns that it is possible with 7,000 terms of service.

This is not the only time that happened in the present age. Minor changes such as albums and film illustrations have been modified over the years with iTunes content. Kindle's book has "updates" to correct errors and make minor adjustments. The disadvantage of getting everything from the cloud is that nothing is permanent.

When I purchased content (books, movies, music) in the past, I left the physical product in the store. This product was yours as long as you kept the purchased media. Nobody was able to get rid of it (unless literal theft or bad loans to friends).

When digital content such as music and iTunes movies came out, the idea of ​​owning digital content changed to storing these files on the computer's hard drive, iPod, or other physical media. These files are left on you unless you have lost your copy.

Apple and iTunes Store evolve towards increasing digital content, devices are …

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