Apple Employees Think They Make The World A Better Place

According to a survey of the Anonymous Bind application, most Apple employees believe their company is helping to make the world a better place. Blind sent a single true-false question to his base – I believe that my company makes the world better – and nearly 67% of Silicon Valley's 10,589 workers said yes.

Of the 278 Apple employees who participated in the blind poll, 83.45% true responded. Since Apple had more respondents than any other company, the score was highest among companies with at least 50 respondents.

Blind Inquiry into Global ImpactCynics need only look at today's headlines over Apple boss Tim Cook to challenge the place of the technology giant in the world.

Mr Cook spoke to the European Parliament in Brussels about the confidentiality of the data and said that Apple wanted the US data protection laws in order to comply with the general data protection regulations in the United States. EU.

Later, during a big interview with CNN Christiane Amanpour, Cook said he was the first CEO of Fortune 500 to be openly gay to inspire children who intimidated him because of their sexual orientation.

Apple is also often the first big company to donate money for disaster relief.

Apple was one of five companies with at least 50 respondents who responded overwhelmingly to the True on the Blind survey. The other four are Uber (91.01%), Cruise Automation (85.45%), Google (84.94%) and LinkedIn (83.93%).

Oracle had the lowest percentage of True Replies with 27.21%. Snapchat was the second lowest at 29.67%.

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